Security is something we used to take for granted. Unfortunately that’s not the world we live in today.  HAVEN Lock, SALTO Systems, and AXIS communications are all partners with us to help secure the future of your students, teachers and everyone at your school. 


We help provide Integrated security solutions that protect students, staff, and school property while also delivering operational and educational benefits.

An integrated security solution gives you maximum protection for students, staff, and school property, but it also offers operational and educational benefits to make your school budget stretch even further. We help secure your school so that educators can teach, and students can learn. 

With video surveillance, audio, and access control technology we’ll give you better visibility, better control and better communication across your school district or campus. With intelligent analytics that provide early threat detection, we help you prevent or mitigate security incidents before they escalate. Beyond security, our technology also supports distance learning and connects the community to school activities in new and innovative ways.  

Access Control

Security is a top priority for educators in today’s world. Parents need to know that students are safe while teachers and staff need safety reassurance to do their jobs. By balancing security with accessibility and advanced technology with affordability, we deliver access control applications that exceed the needs of educational facilities and institutions around the world.

The challenge is delivering robust protection for a variety of scenarios while maintaining a welcoming learning environment. This must be achieved across a range of physical locations, often simultaneously – buildings, classrooms, libraries, labs, staff rooms, sports and cultural facilities, and canteens.

From kindergartens to universities, high schools and colleges to research and development institutes, new have access solutions are delivering lower costs, greater flexibility and critically, peace of mind.

45 years in business. Thank you for trusting in us. 



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