WOZ ED Pathways to Careers

WozEd takes “career ready” to the next level through research-based STEM kits and strong industry partnerships. 

Steve Wozniak has turned his creativity and ingenuity towards education.

Woz ED has developed personalized learning programs so that learners can enroll, learn, master, get out into the workplace faster, and start a career in high tech.

Steve Wozniak changed the world with his innovations. 

Woz ED is dedicated to helping produce more like Steve.

WozED Pathways to Careers!

Explore the World.

STEM and robotics go together! Robotics are a great way to teach STEM principles. From drones to robots and other kits, there are a wide variety of tools available to teachers through these tools. Expand your students’ minds and get them excited about science, technology, engineering, and math!

45 years in business. Thank you for trusting in us. 



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