Leading the way in interactive touch display technology. 

Step into the future of education with Newline Interactive Flat Panels – the ultimate tool to engage, inspire, and empower students in the K-12 classroom. Designed specifically for the unique needs of educators and learners, these cutting-edge displays revolutionize the way knowledge is shared and absorbed.

Newline Interactive Flat Panels bring lessons to life with vibrant visuals and stunning clarity. With vivid 4K resolution and crisp details, every image, graph, and video captivates young minds, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter. From exploring distant lands to dissecting complex scientific concepts, the immersive experience creates an environment where students thrive and actively participate in their own learning journey.

Interactive learning is at the core of Newline's design philosophy. The intuitive touch interface encourages collaboration and interaction, empowering students to become active contributors to their education. With the ability to write, draw, and solve problems directly on the screen, students are encouraged to think critically, express their ideas, and engage in meaningful discussions. The interactive nature of the Flat Panels cultivates a dynamic classroom environment where curiosity flourishes and learning becomes an adventure.

Newline understands that education is a diverse landscape, and flexibility is key. These interactive flat panels seamlessly integrate with educational software, apps, and digital resources, giving teachers the freedom to personalize lessons and cater to individual learning styles. From gamified quizzes to virtual field trips, the possibilities for engaging and differentiated instruction are endless, creating a vibrant ecosystem that enhances knowledge retention and academic achievement.

We prioritize student safety and data security above all else. Newline's interactive flat panels are equipped with advanced security features, ensuring that student information remains protected at all times. In addition, seamless integration with leading learning management systems simplifies administrative tasks, streamlines workflow, and enhances the overall classroom experience.

But our commitment to education doesn't end with the product. Newline is dedicated to supporting educators every step of the way. Our team of experts provides comprehensive training and ongoing technical support to ensure a smooth integration into your classroom. We are committed to your success, continuously enhancing our products with firmware updates and new features, making sure you always have access to the latest advancements in interactive learning technology.

Unleash the power of interactive learning in your K-12 classroom with Newline Interactive Flat Panels. Inspire a new generation of learners, foster collaboration, and ignite a lifelong love for knowledge. Embrace the future of education and empower your students to reach new heights. Upgrade to Newline and transform the way you teach and they learn.

45 years in business. Thank you for trusting in us. 



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